Our school teaches children from kindergarten till the end of the 11 grade.  The day in our school lasts from 8 till 19 o’clock.

The school day is divided into various sections and in the morning students have recess, a time when they can go outside and play for 30 minutes. Our school has a playground attached, a large area outside with equipment for playing different games.

  In the middle of the day students have a hot meal.

Students spend most of the day with their class.

After school students can choose from many extra-curricular activities. These include joining clubs based on a particular interest, e.g. computers, acting, drawing, swimming, dancing, playing a sport team.

During the school year there are important social activities.

Being a school with advanced course of English we have 15 experienced teachers of English and German languages.

The foreign- languages department organizes its work on solving the problem of developing personality as the ego in a poly-cultural world.

The most important element of teaching in our school is to provide students with the knowledge. Skills and abilities to successfully manage to complex world we live in today.

Since 2011 Our English speaking Club “LEE” has been opened.

  • The motto of our club is Learn English Easily.
  • The symbol of our club

The Global aims of our Club:


  • to widen and consolidate the pupil’s knowledge
  • to develop creative imagination and logical thinking, to develop and master abilities and skills
  • to educate initiation, active life position
  • to increase the pupil’s cultural level



Our school is involved in an environmental protection project “Think globally, act locally “. It lasted three years.

We tried to promote and involve students to the solution of environmental problems

and upbringing the ecological culture.


Finally we should take the first step in solving ecological problems locally.


 We are taking part in Ukrainian state Experiment since 2010 and it’s the third year we are working on the topic of ”Assertive school as a center of assertive individual formation”.

The students of our school are active participants in letter, video and webcast exchanges,

they also have an experience

in leadership- building project like Tolerance and Assertiveness in our life.

During the tele-bridge conference we talked about defined

the most common and vital personal qualities one should

possess to become successful in our society.


An especially fruitful ground for pupil’s education is in the “extracurricular” activities.


It has become a traditional to organize English language weeks.

Annually the students of all grades are involved in different activities. They get acquainted with

customs and traditions of English-speaking countries:

  • The students increase their awareness of the great writers and poets, famous people of these countries
  • The students widen and deepen speaking knowledge
  • The students participate in different competitions


Our school team “Equilibrium” participated in the Crimean debate

tournament  on 1-3 May for the first time. They have won the third

place among the best debate clubs from Ukraine.


We congratulate our great debaters:

Barbahovska Masha, Balkin Sasha, Rudyakov Lyonya, Novakova Dasha.

  We are looking forward to further debates

We wish our amazing team members good luck and success.


English-speaking Club